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Hybrid Picking Exercises: One Finger

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I've been asked several times recently, how to get used to using the middle finger along with the pick, so I came up with some exercises that I thought might help with this.

This is a root/5 exercise, the root is the open 6th (E) string, and you're also playing a root note on the 4th (D) string. The 5 is the 5th (A) string in the 2nd fret which is a B note.

I'm alternating the bass notes with the pick, and pulling up on the 4th string with my middle finger.

This one works the same way with all of the E formation barre chords too.

I'm not using any muting techniques, since this is just an exercise. This is just to get used to using your finger, along with the pick.

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Instructor J.D. Jarrell
Hybrid Picking Exercises: One Finger