Guitar Tricks 74: 2-String Sweeps

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Ben is here with shred licks! The tip of the week is to use tapping in non-traditional ways: pedal point or arpeggios.

The lesson is one that many of you metal heads have been asking for: Sweep Picking!

Shall we start with two strings? Guest instructor Ben Lindholm will get you started with this entry level lesson on metal's holy grail of shred licks, the sweep pick. It's not easy but if you take your time and follow Ben's direction, you can be on your way to sweeping like the metal masters. Turn it up to 11, your lesson starts now.

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Using Triads

Introduction To Sweep Picking

Using Triads

Sweep Picking Series 1: The Basics

Instructor Ben Lindholm
GT Channel: Metal with Ben
Guitar Tricks 74: 2-String Sweeps song notation

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