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An Introduction to Drop C Tuning

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If you're already familiar with playing in drop D then you already know the advantage to this tuning. For those of you that are not familiar, I'll explain. You can play three note bar chords with one finger!

For example hit your open 6-5-4 strings and the notes C-G-C form a C5 power chord. Now take your first finger and bar the 6-5-4 strings at the 2nd fret. The notes D-A-D form a D5 power chord. Using a combination of the two chords along with different picking and pull-off combinations and you're playing some phat sounding riffs using just one finger, not to mention it's a lot easier to add vibrato and bend your chords as well.

Once you get more advanced, you'll see the possibilities of playing some very fast rhythms that wouldn't be as easy or even possible in standard tuning. Also, you can turn these into suspended 2nd chords easily. For example, let's take our 1st finger and bar at the 2nd fret again for the notes D-A-D. Now if you take your 3rd finger and place it on the 4th string 4th fret for an E, you have D-A-E which is a very cool sounding D Suspended 2nd.

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An Introduction to Drop C Tuning