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String Bending

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This is another tip for you, but it's more about position on the neck. A way to keep track of the bends, and give you some ideas on building combinations.

The first two are bends that work with a D chord, and the last two work with an E chord. This tip works the same in all keys though, so try it in other positions too.

I used my fingers to pull up on both strings for these, but you can also use the pick. When you get used to doing this try playing the 2nd string and bending it, and then play the 1st string in the same fret.

I'm bending the string and holding the bends in all of these positions, and when you feel comfortable with these check out Bending The 3rd String.

Feel free to post a message for me in the forum, if you have any questions, comments, or want to be added to my mailing list.

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Instructor J.D. Jarrell
String Bending