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In this set of lessons, we'll build on the foundational guitar strumming techniques that you have been working on in previous lessons.

We'll be working with full-measure strumming patterns, eighth notes, and...GHOSTS! While these lessons are demonstrated on acoustic guitar, the same techniques may be used on electric guitar.

The techniques presented in this course are essential rhythm guitar techniques, applicable to strumming the guitar in a wide variety of styles and genres. While this course presents these skills in a country-style context, these skills are also central to folk, rock, pop, and blues as well.

Each skill you gain in this section will serve as a foundation for more techniques coming up in subsequent lessons. Therefore, it is important that you make sure you are developing good habits as regards your strumming technique. Pay close attention to the technique pointers in these lessons, and make sure you're on the right track.

The first rhythm will work consists of playing a measure of eighth notes alternating up and down strokes of the pick. Once you are able to play that with a steady feel, try putting extra emphasis on beat number one and beat number three. This will give the rhythm pattern some groove.

You can hear this rhythm technique at work in Billy Ray Cyrus' song, "Ready, Set, Don't Go".

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Strummer's Goldmine