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Country Tone: Effects

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A delay effect can make or break your tone. Delay is a repeat of the notes or chords that you play. The "delay" of the effect refers to the delay of time that occurs between the repeats. In this lesson we'll look at the basic settings and setup of the delay pedal.

Make a special note to really learn how the "mix" (sometimes called "presence") knob effects your tone. A delay shouldn't be too loud in comparison to your regular guitar tone. Delay was meant to simulate the natural echo of certain halls and venues. Like many effects, it works best if you barely notice it's there.

The slapback delay demonstrated is a great setting. It is important that you try your own as well. The short delay works well with chicken pickin', but you'll want a longer, smoother delay to develop the tone of much of the rockier sounding modern country.

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Instructor Andy Gurley
Country Tone: Effects