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Basic Hybrid Picking Exercises

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Here we're using an E chord, but it's basically the same exercise. By now you should be getting used to the positioning of the middle, and ring finger on your picking hand. If you're having trouble keeping the fingers in position, let me know, and I have some tricks to help you.

Play the open 6th string with the pick, and play the double stop with your fingers. In this one you want your picking hand where you can pull up on the 4th, and 5th strings with the middle and ring finger. Again use the full chord, eventhough you're not playing all the strings.

No muting techniques on this exercise either, you can add this technique in the future. When you feel comfortable with these exercises, try them with palm muting. It's not as hard as it sounds, just rest your palm on the upper strings of the guitar. Pick the 6th string while you do this, if you lift your palm while you pick the string. You can hear the difference in the sound, the string sounds muffled when you're touching it. You can decide how much the string is muted, by letting up on the strings.
This one is also a root/5 exercise, the root is the open 6th (big E) string. The 5th (A) string in the 2nd fret is a B note, which is the 5th note. The 4th (D) string in the 2nd fret, is another E note.

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Basic Hybrid Picking Exercises