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New Age Guitar

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"New Age" playing is used to describe acoustic guitar playing in its solo form that demonstrates a mixture of technical prowess and song-writing. Soloists such as Andy McKee, Antoine Dufour, and others demonstrate exceptional playing on the instrument, all the while writing meaningful songs and great melodies. Artists such as Kaki King and the late Michael Hedges have taken such ideas a step further, employing the style alongside other instrumentation (i.e. drums, bass, vocals, samples, etc.) The "New Age" style can both be used as a solo technique, as well as a great addition to a live band set-up. This tutorial works to showcase a variety of rhythmic, harmonic, and compositional ideas to bring out the "New Age" acoustic style in every guitar player. The acoustic guitar, like the players of the genre have worked to do, is taken into new territory and allows for students to see how the "New Age" style of playing has opened the doors for the instruments possibilities. All 10 examples showcase a different way that guitarists can take this new approach to their instrument.

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Douglas Showalter
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