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Joe Pass Style Series 2

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In this second tutorial series we are going to learn more about how to play in the style of jazz guitar virtuoso Joe Pass!

One of the most wonderful things we can do with the guitar (awesome instrument that it is!) is orchestrate: play more than one note (or part) at a time.

Now we have all our chord shapes ready! We have major 7th, minor 7th, dominant 7th. And we have them rooted on the E string and the A string. We are ready to apply them to a chord progression.

Notice in the video lesson I play a simple chord progression:

|| E minor7 | A minor 7 | D7 | G major 7 ||

I've selected this progression for our example because it uses all three 7th chord types and the bass notes are rooted on the A and E strings alternately. The score is merely a rough guideline to follow. In the video I intentionally play all kinds of little variations rhythmically to make it more interesing.

If you enjoyed accomplishing the skills in this tutorial, please continue on to the follow tutorials that pick up where this one leaves off.

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Happy jazz playing!

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Joe Pass Style Series 2