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Joe Pass Style Series 2

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In this second tutorial series we are going to learn more about how to play in the style of jazz guitar virtuoso Joe Pass!

If you haven't worked through the first tutorial, I encourage you to do so. It will give you the knowledge and skills to better understand the lessons in this tutorial.

Jazz Ala Joe Pass Series 1

One of the most wonderful things we can do with the guitar (awesome instrument that it is!) is orchestrate: play more than one note (or part) at a time.

Notice that I am playing two distinct, separate parts: a walking bass line on the bottom striongs & two higher pitched notes that complete the chord voicing on the higher strings. Jazz players call this "drop 2 voicing". Start by simply playing the bass line. Once you get a handle on it then slowly add the other notes on the upper strings that complete the chord voicing. The idea is that even though we are only playing ONE chord we give the music some MOTION. We accomplish this by playing inversions of the chord & playing a bass line that "walk up and down the scale" along with the chord voicings. It really helps to know and be able to visualize chord inversions to do this type of thing.

Let's learn how to play all three of the main types of types of chords used in jazz: major 7th, minor 7th and dominant 7th.

You can play with or without a pick. If you choose a pick, play the bass notes with the pick (held between your thumb and index finger) & pluck the upper strings with your middle and ring fingers. This is called "hybrid picking". If you choose to play with your fingers use your thumb for the bass notes & pluck the upper notes with your index & middle fingers.

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Joe Pass Style Series 2