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In this you can jam over the backing track.(Available in the jam station) I have tabbed out a short lead break to get you started, but you can play what you want over it.Feel free to try some of the other instructors licks over these backing tracks as well.(Doug Seven & Terry Couch have some cool licks to play over these as well as some of the other instructors here at GT.) The lesson is marked advanced because of the tab, but any level player can use it.

We will be using the Nashville number system in several of the lessons I teach. The number system is provided at the bottom of the text for you.

This track is a simple 1-4-5 chord progression out of the key of A major. Look at the chart below and you will see it is simply a A-D-E progression. The key the song is played in is considered the "1" chord. The other numbers fall into place after that. Remember the key of the song may change, but the numbers never do.

Note: pb = pre-bent-A pre bent note starts bent and returns to original pitch.(like a bend in reverse)

| A1 | B2 | C#3| D4 | E5 | F#6| G7 | 
| B1 | C#2| D#3| E4 | F#5| G6 | A7 | 
| C1 | D2 | E3 | F4 | G5 | A6 | Bb7| 
| D1 | E2 | F#3| G4 | A5 | B6 | C7 | 
| E1 | F#2| G#3| A4 | B5 | C#6| D7 | 
| F1 | G2 | A3 | Bb4| C5 | D6 | Eb7| 
| G1 | A2 | B3 | C4 | D5 | E6 | F7 | 
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lesson notation

Click Here To Download This Track
Click Here To Download This Track