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At this point we've broken down all the individual pieces of this song, so now it's time to talk about how we put it all together.

The song starts out with an instrumental chorus, where Guitar 1 plays the riff and Guitar 2 does the high strumming part.

Then we have our first verse, and this is where Guitar 2 carries the heavy load while Guitar 1 is harmonizing.

Then we have our first pre-chorus where Guitar 1 keeps with the riff part, only following the new chords while Guitar 2 is playing the clean delay part.

Then we have our first actual chorus, where both guitars play the main riff. Guitar 1 is overdriven and Guitar 2 is cleaner, which adds a nice punch to the sound.

After that we have our second verse, Guitar 2 plays the same part again while Guitar 1 plays the dramatic bass notes and ghost notes we talked about.

Next is the 2nd pre-chorus, which is essentially the same as the first pre-chorus. There are those subtle variations we talked about in the lessons if you want to use them, but it's nothing to get too hung up on.

The 2nd chorus is a double chorus, and the first time through we'll play the same is we did in Chorus 1, where both guitars play the riff. Then for the repeat Guitar 2 breaks loose and plays the high strumming part. I add the overdrive for this part.

After the 2nd chorus, we go our bridge, which is a drop in the dynamic level and Guitar 1 played the octaves while Guitar 2 played the clean delay part. Then we had our extra bar/build of C.

After that we're into an instrumental chorus like we did for the intro, where Guitar 1 plays the riff and Guitar 2 plays the high strumming part.

After that instrumental chorus we're into another pre-chorus, but this is where both guitars play power chords and we have our build at the end. This is also where I add the fuzz on GT1.

After that we have a full chorus with just drums and vocals, which is super fun and epic sounding! After that the chorus repeats Guitar 1 comes in by itself, which adds even more of the arena vibe to it all. After 4 bars of that Guitar 2 comes in with the high part, and then they keep this part going until the track fades.

The part is slightly simplified at first, where they leave out that little bass line on the repeat. So they just repeat the basic version at first, and then they sneak it in there as the jam progresses. You can do either, it won't make that much of a difference!

In this last section, there's some extremely faint soloing happening way in the background. All you can hear is that it's somewhere down here around the 3rd and 5th fret of the A and D string. I wouldn't worry about recreating that, but it's something to keep in mind if you ever play this song with a band.

Finally if you play this song live, you'll eventually end it. I'd suggest hitting a big F chord that you let ring. You could also end it on the relative minor, which is D minor if you prefer how that sounds.
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