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For the main riff and rhythm guitar I'm going to be using my Telecaster here on the neck pickup. I'm running that through a modeled Fender amp, with the volume turned up, so I get some warm natural overdrive. I have added a little bit of reverb and some subtle compression, but you can play this part with any clean or lightly overdriven tone. Make sure you don't use too much gain because with a cleaner tone it sounds more like blues, and with a lot of gain it sounds more like rock. So err on the side of clean if you're in doubt! You will need a capo for this part.

For the slide guitar I'm using my Rickenbacker on the neck pickup. I'm also running that through a modeled version of a Fender amp with the volume cranked so I get some natural overdrive. But again, it's better to be too clean and too overdriven for this part. I also have a little bit of reverb on it. I'm picking the strings with my fingers for this song.

I'm using a metal slide, but you can use any kind of slide you have. Many people can play slide on their regular instruments, but personally I've always preferred to use an extension nut, like this one. It's a simple device that raises the strings so far over the fretboard that you play slide without having the worry about hitting the frets. Of course you can't fret a normal note, when it's like this, but on this song we don't have to. If you want to get an extension nut for yourself, they're about 10 bucks and you can order them online. You just loosen the strings and slide it under. Again this is not a necessity, just another option!