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Caren will show you how to play along with this B.B. King classic in a made easy tutorial. Originally recorded in the key of B Minor, today we'll simplify by playing in the key of Am, using a total of 4 chords.

The four chords used are: Am Dm E7 F ( I IV V7 and bVI). The F Major, or bVI chord creates tension and adds drama to the turn around that closes each verse.

The song's polished production and use of strings marked a departure from more raw sound of traditional blues material. Subsequently, many other artists have recorded their interpretations of the song.

The chords repeat one verse after another, as this song uses a vocal "hook" rather than a chorus. So, learn one 12 bar pattern and you're good to go for the entire song!

One of the great things about the blues is that such a basic formula can produce such a multicolored result. Every great blues artist had his or her own special sound or "feel". There are endless ways to decorate and distinguish this formula, add horns, Hammond organ, or in this case, play in a haunting minor key and add the unexpected string section that floats above the whole thing.

We'll be playing a slow version of the basic strum, making sure that what we play fits in seamlessly with the slow groove. While there are lots of ways to interpret the basic strum, today we'll take on the challenge of playing a very steady, even, clean sound, using the backing tracks as a guide.

GT has an authentic version of the song when you’re ready for the challenge!

The Thrill Is Gone

The form for our song today is as follows:

INTRO 12 bars

"The Thrill Is Gone" is played in this tutorial in A minor, in 4/4 time and at a tempo of 88 BPM.