Melodic Riffing

Brian May’s rhythm playing used many stereotypical rock technique, but with one important additional aspect, a flair for melody! Let’s check out an example.

May used power chord shapes & open string pedal tones like other rock
guitarists. But he also played very specific chord voicings, often with
open chord shapes, triads & inversions moved up & down the neck to
achieve melodies with his guitar parts. These melodies sometimes mimicked the vocal part; other times they were a completely distinct
counter melody to the vocal part adding to the richness of Queen’s music.

riff 1 : open d pwr chord w/ open Csus2, G/B idea
riff 2 : triads over open A pedal (A, G/A, D/A)
riff 3 : triads over open D pedal (D, Dsus2, A/D, G/D)
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