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I mentioned in the intro lesson about a single guitar performance of the song combining the two parts. We are going to use Guitar #1, our Tele, to do so but remember you can use whatever guitar you have at home to jam along. I will mostly be sticking to the parts played by Guitar #2, with a few licks thrown in from Guitar #1. Let's break down how you can approach this.

1. For the intro, we are going to play the same chords as Guitar #1 but with an additional note on the B string which will ring into the D chord. This is then followed by back beat hits on D, which we will play as the same triad that we used in our verses with Guitar #2.

2. For the verses, we are going to play all back beats with this same chord along with our pentatonic lick. Each time the G and A come around, you will play what Guitar #2 plays in unison with the rest of the band

3. For the choruses, we will stick to the back beats (using the inversions Guitar #2 did before) along with the pentatonic lick for the first two bars along with the unison hits. We will leave the melodies out for a simpler, single guitar take on the song. We will simply play our backbeats instead.

4. Lastly, for the instrumental part we will combine the back beat hits along with the pentatonic line leading into the last chorus.

5. You can follow these parts for the single guitar version if you want, or you can simply play along with either guitar. What matters most is that you support the song whether with a full band or playing it solo. Good luck!

Now let's try that single guitar performance up to speed with a backing track. Remember you can use whatever guitar you have at home. Have fun and thanks for watching.

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