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This simple yet anthemic song rests primarily on a piano and vocal, so we'll need to think about how to use our right hand to interpret the piano part for acoustic guitar!

The progression for the intro and verse uses three chords: C Major, C Major7 (briefly on 4th beat) to F Major. Simple, while at the same time underpinning a profound lyric. This progression repeats 4 times, creating a sense of tension that supports the lyric and drives the song towards the chorus.

Our verse ends on an F Major, and the chorus starts on the same chord but then quickly uses a descending bass line to give the song some motion through the Am/E, D minor, F/C, then rests on G Major (V chord) for 2 full bars.

This verse, chorus structure repeats, then we hit the bridge, which adds a nice touch of drama. Starting again on the F, but moving to the G, C and adding an E major for a hint of modulation. Once again this section ends on the same chord the next section begins with, and we'll learn the simple bass run used on the original recording to connect these two sections.

Our song structure repeats again, verse, chorus and ends with the last line of the bridge.

The songs stays low key throughout, but there is a rise and fall in dynamics from one section to the next, and we want to pay attention to the overall pacing of the song.

This song features a simple form/structure.

INTRO 4 bars
VERSE 8 bars
CHORUS 4 bars
BRIDGE 8 bars

Finally, we'll feature a bonus lesson describing how to play the signature piano riff that runs throughout the song! We’re playing in C major, in 4/4 time and a tempo of 73 BPM.