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She Got The Goldmine (I Got the Shaft)

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First let's talk a little bit about the gear that I'll be using for this song, but as always you have to remember that you rarely need any specific gear to be able to play a certain song. Of course it's going to sound more like the original if you have the same gear, but that doesn't mean it can't be different in a cool way, when you play it on whatever gear you have. So always keep that in mind when we're talking gear.

That being said, I'll be using my Telecaster on the bridge pickup for the main rhythm guitar in this song. I'm going straight into a modeled version of a small Fender tube amp, turned up so loud that I get a good amount of crunchy overdrive. Other than that I'm adding what's called â€"slap back delay”, which is a single echo that happens more or less immediately after the original note.

I'm using an old Ibanez analog delay pedal, but you can use any kind of delay unit. You can also play the part without any delay at all.

I have the delay level set to 11'o clock, so the echo is nice and loud. The repeat knob is set all the way down, so I just get that one repeat. Finally the timing it set to match the eighth notes of our groove, which on this particular pedal is somewhere around 10'o clock. That creates a cool extra rhythmic layer once you add it to the full rhythm part.

For this part I'll be using a thumb pick, but you can absolutely play this part with a regular flat pick as well.

For Guitar 2, which is the supporting rhythm guitar, I'll be using my Gretsch Duo Jet- also on the bridge pickup. I'm running this guitar through a modeled version of a VOX AC30 amp, and I have the volume turned up so I get a little bit of overdrive, but not as much as for guitar 1. For this guitar I'm just using a little bit of the amp reverb, but no slap back delay.

For all the lead guitars I'm also using the Telly on the bridge pickup, but for these parts I'm turning up the amp volume up quite a bit in order to get some more overdrive. Part of what creates that massive â€"wall of guitars” sound (as opposed to 3 separate parts harmonizing a solo) is that they're all tracked with the same tone. And to further that wonderfully messy and indistinguishable sound I'm also adding the slap back delay to all 3 of them.