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Bring It On Home To Me: Gear & Tone


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Bring It On Home to Me

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"Bring It On Home to Me" features just a single guitar throughout the whole song. I will be using this guitar to teach the piano intro, along with the rhythm parts in the song. We will also this guitar, with an added octave effect, to play the guitar solo.

The tone and effect settings for Guitar #1 are:
- Gibson ES335, middle pickup w/11 gauge Elixir strings
- Vintage Clean Tone through 1x8 Speaker
- Spring Reverb, Mix @ 45%, Decay @ 25%
- Octave Effect (Solo) - Lower Octave @ 80%, Higher Octave @ 15%

We will be using the same tone the entire song, with the exception of the solo. I am using an octave pedal that allows me to blend between the original signal, along with the octave down and octave up we are using. The solo on the original recording sounds like a 12 string electric, so I am using this pedal to recreate that sound. You can play this solo in the higher octave if you want if you don't have a 12 string, or octave effect, at home. Either will sound awesome.

This song features a repeating verse that is the same throughout the whole song, which does a great job of setting the mood for the lyrics and story of the song. This version has a nice shuffle feel to it that is both easy and fun to play. We will use the same feel and tone for the backing track at the end, as well as for the single guitar approach using open chords.