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"Far Away" features two guitars. Guitar #1 will be our acoustic in our altered tuning, and Guitar #2 will be our electric playing some higher register arpeggios also in our altered tuning.

Guitar #1 is our acoustic guitar in our altered tuning; tuned low to high Db - Ab - Db - Gb - Bb - Eb. You would call this tuning Dropped D, down a half step. I am using a Taylor 614, with medium gauge Elixir strings. This really helps with the low tuning, as we will be playing arpeggios that have a very specific motif along with some heavy strumming in the choruses. The low tuning, mixed with the thick strings and a Dunlap, larger medium pick make for a fun song to strum along too.

Guitar #2 is our electric guitar that only plays during the choruses. We will be in our altered tuning with this guitar as well, but you don't have to tune down the lowest string. This makes the tuning low to high Eb - Ab - Db - Gb - Bb - Eb. I am using a PRS McCarty with a push-pull pot; making the pick up into a single coil type of tone. My strings are Elixir 11's, and I am using a small, thick Dunlap pick to really dig in and play the arpeggios.

The tone and effect settings for Guitar #2 are:
- PRS McCarthy w/ Elixir 11 gauge strings, Dunlap Small, Thick Pick
- Middle position pickup, with push-pull pot up
- Marshall JCM800 modled amp
- Digitial Delay Set to 1/4 notes (432ms), Feedback @ 40%, Mix @ 40%
- Room Reverb, Mix @ 50%, Decay @ 60%

While we do have both guitars coming in and out of the entire song, you are only playing Guitar #2 during the choruses. That makes it easy to play this song as a single guitar performance. Simply play along with Guitar #1 the entire time, using an acoustic or a clean tone electric using whatever you have at home.