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When My Love for Life: Bridges


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F#m F#mMaj7 F#m7 D6

C#m7b5 F#7 Bm7 E7 Ritard

The vocal lifts as the chords start a new pattern, with the harmony shifting to F# minor. We get three partial bar chords in a row, again with the basses descending chromatically through F# to Dm6. We will use the same arpeggio we played for the verse, but all of our basses will be singles for the bridge.

We also encounter what I'm calling our $2 chord for the day: C#m7b5. You get a lot of harmonic bang for a one finger chord. As we head out of the bridge our F#m is now F#7 (dominant 7), which leads us to our ii chord, Bm7 and at last to the final chord of the bridge, the V7 chord, E7. The ritard is used at the end of each bridge, over the E7 chord.

So the song repeats the bridge twice, each time with a different lyric. The first time rolls right back to the top of the 2nd verse. The second time goes directly to the end of the song, which is our next lesson!

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