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Twenty Flight Rock: Gear & Tone


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Twenty Flight Rock

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Twenty Flight Rock" features just one guitar throughout the entire track.

Guitar #1 is our main electric guitar that will play all throughout the track. I am using a Gibson ES335 hollow body with a clean tone, with some room reverb a slight, slap-back delay. The tone is relatively clean with just a little bit of bite to help it break up the tone a little bit, just like it does on the original recording. This guitar has 11 gauge strings, and I am using a small Dunlap pick that is a heavy gauge. We will also be using a few effects.

The tone and effect settings for Guitar #1 are:

Gibson ES335 w/ Elixir 11's, Dunlap small heavy pick, Middle Position
Fender Vibrolux Tone through a 1x12 cab
Room Reverb: MIx @ 40%, Decay @ 50%
Slap Back, Tape Delay: Mix @ 15%, Feedback @ 10% (very slight)
Compression with 2 db boost, Threshold (how much compression) @ 15%

While this song is very minimal in guitars and parts, every little bit really counts. The guitar follows the bass in the verses, and play lots of hard stops to emphasize the story of the lyrics. During the chorus, we play a key supporting role playing rhythm and keeping the dynamics and energy way up. And for the solo, we play a mixture of blues and rockabilly licks that sound much easier then they actually are. Tones like this were very common of this era; straightforward with minimal effects, and all attitude.

Now that you know about all the guitar and tones will be using to play "Twenty Flight Rock," let's get started.