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FA2: Lick 2 - Happy Chords


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We will use triad chords in this lesson as well, but this time we'll go for a happier sound, starting with a standard A major triad.

After that, we'll go to a G major triad (1st inversion). The simplest name for this, considering A in the bass, is G/A ("G over A"). A more complex name would be A7sus4add9.

The B note in the G chord is the 9, or 2nd, in relation to A. The D note is the 4th (sus4), and the G note is the flat seven of A. There is no E note, so the most complete name would be A7sus4add9(no5).

We'll also use a D major triad here - D/A or Asus4add13(no5).
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