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Any electric guitar with a humbucker pickup in the bridge position is suitable to play this song. The humbucker provides plenty of power and clarity for crunch riffing and soaring leads.

Guitars 1 and 3 use a Marshall-style tube amp cranked way up to get that thick crunch sound. Crank the drive to 95%, Bass to 45%, Mids to half, Treble to 55%, and Presence to 65%.

Guitar 2 features a much more sparkly, cleaner sound, so any Fender-style tube amp set for clean should do the trick. Be sure to dial the EQ to emphasize the higher frequencies and cut out the low end. Guitar 3 uses a tone booster for a more saturated and sustaining lead guitar sound. Add a touch of reverb for some depth.

I recommend a 10-46 string gage and medium to heavy picks, so you can keep the riffs and soloing aggressive with a snappy attack! Here are the settings I used:

Marshall Plexi Model (Guitar 1,3):
Drive: 95% Bass: 45% Mid: 50% Treb: 55% Presence: 65%
Fender Twin Model (Guitar 2):
Drive: 40% Bass: 0% Mid: 55% Treb: 75% Presence: 75%
Tone Booster (Guitar 3):
Gain: 80% Tone: 100%
Spring Reverb:
WetDryMIX: 30%

TUNING: (low to high): D A D G B E