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Ten Feet Off of Beale: Choruses


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We have three choruses in our song, all with the same seven bar chord progression but each with different endings. In this lesson I'm going to cover that main chord progression, and then explain to you how each one ends a little differently helping break up the song. The last chorus is also played twice with a bar of C serving as the turn around.

The chord progression for the main part of each chorus is:
|| F G - C Ami - F G - Ami - F G - C Ami - F G ||

The end of the first chorus in the original recording features a quick two bar interlude that goes into our first verse. This includes an acoustic guitar along with the rhythm section. For the sake of this tutorial being a single guitar approach to this song, I am going to start off this part by playing the same rhythm and changes that we are going to play in our next verse which are a little different then how we played the same chord progression in our chorus.

Coming out of the second chorus, we are going to play a four bar interlude that will lead us into the bridge. I will go over in this again later during the bridge lesson, but I wanted to give you a quick heads up on that change here as well. You will switching between a C7sus4, and a C7 twice before the bridge happens.

For the end of our last chorus, you will switch to what we played during our intro after a repeat of the progression. This was two go arounds of our main chord progression all with anticipated rhythms.

And that's how you play all three choruses and I have broken down how to play the endings for each. I will mention those endings in other lessons as well.
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