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Any electric guitar with a humbucker pickup in the bridge position is suitable to play this song. The humbucker provides plenty of power and clarity for crunch riffing and soaring leads.

As far as amps go, any Marshall-style tube amp cranked way up to get a thick crunch sound will do the trick. Set the Drive to 95%, Bass and Mids to 50%, Treble to 55%, and Presence to 65%.

Guitar 1 is eq'd to get a trashy lo-fi sound. Essentially, you need to filter out the low frequencies of your sound. You can do this by rolling the bass all the way down on your amp, or kick in an EQ pedal that dips all the low frequencies. You could even switch to a small tweed amp, crank up the gain, and roll down the bass to get the tone required.

Guitar 3 kicks in a rotary speaker effect in the final sections of the song, to add some cool vibe and texture to the mix. Add a touch of reverb for some depth.

For string gauge, I use 46-10, and for picks, use a medium or heavy pick to get some aggressive attack and really dig in! Here are the settings I used:

Marshall Plexi Model:
Drive: 95% Bass: 45% Mid: 50% Treb: 55% Presence: 65%

Rotary Speaker Effect (Guitar 3):
Rate: 45% Depth: 65% WetDryMIX: 60%
Spring Reverb:

WetDryMIX: 30%