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Revolution: Introduction


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What's up, people! Today I'm gonna show you how to play Revolution as made famous by The Beatles.

We'll be looking at 3 guitars today. Two rhythm and one lead. To begin with, we're going to place a capo across the 2nd fret of the fretboard. This will put the song in the key of B. It's going to look like we're playing in the open position in the key of A but in fact we're playing B.

Guitar 1 is going to be our boogie guitar and it'll focus mostly on laying down a nice boogie rhythm that's very blues influenced.

Guitar 2 is going to play a lot of really interesting double stops and little licks to compliment guitar 1.

Guitar 3 will be our lead guitar and we're gonna look into some very interesting lead playing and soloing.

The song starts out with a classic 50's rock n roll lick played with double stops and goes straight into a verse where we'll be playing a blues progression with boogie rhythms and double stop licks. An interesting thing about the verses is that there is a bar of 2/4 thrown in at the end of the phrases on the 1 chord, a nice little touch to add some mystery to the blues feel. Other than the odd bar it stays pretty true to the old blues format of going between the 1-4 and the 5 chord.

After the verse we go into a pre-chorus where we'll be looking into some ensemble hits. And both rhythm guitars will double up on some really nice and big chord voicings that'll build nicely into the chorus.

The chorus itself is more of the blues boogie influences where we'll go between the 1-4 and the 5 chord but this time with faster changes and a really cool little riff to state the turnaround over the 5 chord. So guitar 1 is laying down a tight boogie rhythm here and guitar 2 is doing some very interesting double stops and really catchy rhythmic lines.

After the first chorus we'll go back to another verse and follow the format of pre-chorus and chorus. After the 2nd chorus, we'll dive into an electric piano solo as well as a guitar solo.

And here we'll look into guitar 3 for the first time and we're gonna check out some really edgy bends and melodic licks. For the chord progression over the solo, we'll do a variation
of the chorus.

After that it's back to another verse, pre-chorus and chorus. And since this is our last chorus we'll add some screaming leads that are really all about attitude. The chorus will then build into an outro where we'll play another variation of the chorus with some pretty out there lead playing.

So a lot of the song is based on the blues format but has some really interesting twists that divert from your standard blues song. And we will be playing with a swung 8th note triplet feel. Which is very important to really get down under your fingers to get the song sounding the way it should.

Also, we'll be mostly in 4/4 time signature at a tempo of 120 BPM.

Another thing to keep in mind when playing this song is that it is very much a jam, it's all about the attitude, having fun and really just going for it.