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Playing this tune with only one guitar can be a challenge. Since some guitars or parts happen simultaneously, or overlap, you have to make some choices. I urge you to concentrate on learning each guitar layer all the way through before you approach it on one guitar.

Once you feel you're ready to play the song with one guitar, kick off the tune with the acoustic intro, but played on electric with a clean sound. Next, you'll have to switch to a lead sound for Guitar 2's intro melody. When you get to the verse, switch over to your crunch sound, and play Guitar 3's parts. Keep playing Guitar 3 all through the first chorus, second verse, second chorus, and the bridge. Use Guitar 3 to play the first 3 bars of the solo rhythm, then switch to Guitar 2 for the first lead break of the solo section.

This next section can be a bit tricky, since Guitar 2 and 4 trade licks back and forth, and sometimes they overlap a bit. Just do your best to connect all the licks together to form one cohesive solo.

Switch to Guitar 2 for the Solo Melody section, then back to Guitar 3 for the final verse, chorus, and bridge sections. Stay with Guitar 3 to play the riff for the outro vamp, then switch to Guitar 2 to play the outro melody.

Remember to include and plan for changes in tone or settings along the way. You'll have to prepare for those before you actually start linking these parts together!

Playing this song correctly all the way through is challenging, so if you can do it, take a moment to congratulate yourself on how far you've come! If the single guitar path I laid out for you works, then great! If not, you can pick any creative path for yourself from the previous lessons and all the parts you have learned. Have fun with it!

Now let's check out the full play through on only one guitar!!
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