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First let's talk a little bit about the gear and tones that I'll be using for this song, but as always you have to remember that you rarely need any specific gear to be able to play a specific song. It's going to sound more like the original if you have the same gear, but that doesn't mean it can't be different in a cool way when you play it on whatever gear you have. So always keep that in mind when we're talking gear.

For the rhythm guitar that plays the riff and the signature part in the choruses I'll be using a Les Paul, and I'll be running that through a modeled version of a Marshall amp. The Marshall is cranked enough to have a nice, overdriven tone that I use for the whole song. In the verses I'll play with a softer touch and some more palm muting, which cleans up the tone a little bit.

For the lead guitar I'll be using my Strat, and I'll also be running that through a modeled version of a Marshall amp. The amp is dialed to deliver a nice, clean tone that I use for the cleaner parts of the song, like the hits in the intro and the strumming in the verses. Then in front of that I have a distortion pedal similar to a Tube Screamer that I'll be engaging for the more distorted parts of song, like the choruses and solo. For the breakdown section I'll be using the clean tone, but engaging a Vibe pedal, which creates that swurly, psychedelic sound that works perfectly for that section. On the pedal I have the depth set to 8 o'clock and the rate set to 2 o`clock. I'll also be engaging this pedal a little bit into the solo section!

For the solo I'll be using a Crybaby wah pedal, but you can use any brand of wah pedal, and you can even play the solo without it all together.

Apart from the electric guitars you'll notice that there's an acoustic guitar in the mix as well, which is doubling the clean electric guitar parts and adding some extra sparkle to it all. And even when the clean guitar adds overdrive, it's still doubling the parts. I'm using my Martin-style steel-string acoustic for this part, but you can use any type of acoustic steel-string guitar for this.