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A Jealous Mind: Lead Licks in Verses


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Next up we are going to learn how to play the lead licks played by guitar #2 in all three verses. These licks are played in a call and response type fashion, playing in between the vocal phrases. Here are some key points to help through them:

Verse #1: Guitar #2 enters over the 7th bar of G, and comes in with some swells outlining the G chord. The second comes in over the C chord playing a moving melody using fifths and sixths moving from G to C to D. The final lick plays off the G chord, coming in on beat 2 of the last two measures and leading into the chorus.

Verse #2: Guitar #2 enters over the C chord playing lower string riff using thirds and fourths, and over the the D chord plays a D, F#, and open G string to end the phrase. The second phrase slides from a B minor to G major on the B and E string, adding plenty of vibrato. Next you will play a melody moving from E to A to G, then doing a whole step behind from G to A on the G string. After the bend, you will play F#, A, E over the D chord and then end the verse the same lick we played in the intro, playing the descending melody from C to the low G with a high G ringing throughout.

Verse #3: Guitar #2 comes in on beat 2 of the fourth measure, strumming the open G, B, and E strings and then switches D, F# and open G over the D chord. You will play F# to G over the D to end it, and then you will play an open Gadd2 chord with a rotating melody over the G chord. Once the G comes back around, you will strum this chord emphasizing the A and B. Once the C comes around, you will strum a Cadd2 in a similar fashion. After that, you will slide into the D chord playing D, F#, and G again and then end the verse with the same ending as the Verse #2.

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