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Ocean Upon the Sky: Bridge Section


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Dog & Butterfly

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The bridge of "Dog and Butterfly" keeps in the spirit of the rest of song, playing lots of arpeggios and melodies on the guitar. Here are some key points to help you through it:

1. Getting into the bridge, we start off one bar of our Asus2 motif, ending with a series of whole steps on our low E string for one bar.

2. The chord progression for the first part of the bridge is: || C#mi | F#mi | Dsus2 | Asus2 A | D | C G | Asus2 | Asus E || C#mi | F#mi | Dsus2 | Asus2 | D | C G | Asus2 | Asus2 ||

3. Each chord is played with a variety of picked arpeggios and melodies, also with some straight ahead strumming. The end of the eight bars ends with the same walk that started the bridge, while the second ending plays the open Asus2 with a rotating melody on the B string.

4. The melody played over the C and G chords on the 6th and 14th bars is a defending melody that outlines the walk the bass is playing.

5. The chord progression for the second part of the bridge is: || D | C G | Asus2 | Asus2 A6/9 | Cadd9 Cadd9(#11) | Cadd9 Cadd9(#11) | E Esus4 | E ||

6. The A6/9 chord is played at the end of the fourth bar, leading into the last four bars on our Cadd2(#11) chord.

7. There is a rotating melody going on from D, to F#, to E, back to F# while playing the Cadd9 chord. This can be a tricky fingering, so make sure to warm up first.

8. The E chord over the last two bars switches to an Esus4 during the "e - and" of the first bar, and then resolves back to E major on the beat 1 of the last measure. You'll hold the chord out for a whole measure to end the bridge.

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