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A Dark Desert Highway: Gear & Tones


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Let's start with talking about the tones that you hear on this recording. And remember that with just a bit of tweaking, your tone can sound just like the players your trying to imitate because it's ultimately all in the fingers. But it's all fun to talk about anyway!

For the acoustic guitars I'll be using this 12-string acoustic. If you're not familiar with the 12-string guitar, all you need to know is that it's the same as a 6-string, except that there's an extra string for each one. On the lower strings, the duplicated string is just an octave higher, and on the higher strings, the extra strings are the same notes. That makes it quite a beast to tune, but once you've done that you just play it like you would on a standard 6-string guitar. Just don't look at the strings and get confused! Your fingers will naturally hit the 2 strings at a time, so don't worry. It's a great, full sound! And in order to avoid confusion, I'll show you all the 12-string parts on a regular 6-string acoustic.

I'm also using a nylon string acoustic for the intro, which adds a little bit of flamenco vibe to the track.

For the harmonized electric guitars in the verses I'll use my 335 and run it through a modeled Marshall Plexi amp with a little bit of reverb. You want quite a bit of gain for these parts, but not too much since they have to stay in the background!

For the main lead guitar I'm also using my 335 and I'll run this through a modeled VOX AC30 amp. I have a bit more treble on this part to give it a little more "pop" since it's the main lead guitar that interacts with the vocals. I'm also using a subtle delay effect with the mix set to 11 o'clock, and the delay time set to match the eighth note and 2-3 repeats.

For the other lead guitar, I'm using the same basic tone but on a different pickup and with an added chorus pedal. The chorus pedal adds a subtle psychedelic sound to it, and helps differentiate it from the other guitar. I'm using a chorus pedal with just one knob, and I have that set to 11 o'clock.