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GUITAR: There is no strict requirement for the type of guitar you can use for this song. Much of the tones/textures featured have more to do with the amplifier and effect choices you make. Notice there's a layer of acoustic guitar in the mix as well.

AMP: Any tube amp that offers some nice crunchy distortion is an ideal choice here. Dial in a bit of grit/overdrive into the sound, but nothing over the top as we want those notes to chime and ring strongly with some nice sustain. You'll want less gain for the rhythm parts, and more gain for the slide licks and breakdown riff.

Fender Deluxe Model: Drive: 45% Bass: 50% Mid: 60% Treble: 75% Presence: 80%

EFFECTS: TREMOLO: There are a few parts in this song that feature a distinct 16th note tremolo effect. The effect itself will increase and decrease the volume of the signal at a specified rate, giving the sound a fluttery, vintage quality. I've tweaked the rate parameter to lock with the tempo, and here are my settings:

Speed: 7.0Hz Wet/DryMix: 55%