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  • Lesson Title:

    Chet Atkins Style: Part 3

  • Guitar Instructor: Bobby Howe
  • Lesson Added: July 20th, 2011
  • Lesson Files: Video Guitar Lesson, Guitar Tab, Notation
  • Lesson Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Lesson Focus: Artist
  • Lesson Style: Country
  • Lesson Keywords: Chet Atkins, Thumb, Thumbpick, Travis picking, fingerstyle
Guitar Instructor
If you understand how the constant bass line is pulled from the most common chords, then you will understand how to play every example better.

In this lesson, we'll take the most common open chords A, C, D, E, and G and extract an Atkins-style bass line. You see that the bass lines are most often the root and fifth of each triad. Often the bass line may include a third. Try to think outside the box a bit and not restrain yourself to the triad notes. It will make for more interesting bass lines as well as an easier way of playing bass, accompaniment, and melody at the same time.

First, get these simple bass lines down. Take this time to get the solid timing of the quarter notes played in Cut Time feel. Really work your palm muting to get the country, tick tack bass sound.

End Guitar Video

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