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    Chet Atkins Style: Part 2

  • Guitar Instructor: Bobby Howe
  • Lesson Added: July 20th, 2011
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  • Lesson Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Lesson Focus: Artist
  • Lesson Style: Country
  • Lesson Keywords: Chet Atkins, Thumbpick, Thumb, finger picks, Travis picking, fingerstyle
Guitar Instructor
To learn Example 1, we will learn both the bass line and melody line at the same time. This is different from the traditional approach where you learn the bass line first, the accompaniment next, and the melody last.

To start, you will need a thumbpick to sound exactly like Chet Atkins. You may play this without one, but Chet was rarely seen without his thumb pick (finger picks are picks meant to go on each finger, this is the "thumb" finger pick). It gives the palm-muted bass line a crisp punch.

Your other pick hand fingers should relax over the strings in order to play the melody on different strings. I suggest using at least two fingers in starting this style.

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