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Natural Notes, First Position, Mixed Rhythms


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Classical Single String Exercises

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We will tackle one string at a time in this tutorial. We will only use natural notes. That, of course, means the musical alphabet letters A through G. We will not use any accidentals; no sharps or flats!

By combining the open string notes with the natural notes on the first few frets we will be playing in first position. This means that the index finger is assigned to any note on the first fret, the middle to the second fret notes, the ring to the third fret notes and the pinky to the fourth fret notes.

It is possible to give your fingers a little more of a work out by altering this fingering pattern. I will point that out as necessary when it comes up!

Further, this simple, single string exercise will give your right hand (or picking hand) a lot of practice isolating one note at a time on one string at a time. If you are unfamiliar with playing with your fingertips and fingernails on nylon strings, it can be tricky to get used to! Take your time and develop a feel for it. Fingertips and nails on nylon can be quite different if you are used to a pick on steel strings.

Finally, in order to give you a little practice reading music notation we are going to mix the rhythms a bit. We will start with even 1/4 notes, but then graduallly mix in some 1/8th notes in order to provide some variety.