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E Minor Scale Patterns


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Speedy Ideas Series 3: Minor Scale Patterns

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In this lesson we will look at the specific three note per string patterns that form the interlocking pattern we will use. Notice there are only have three basic diatonic variations:

Whole Step & Whole Step
Half Step & Whole Step
Whole Step & Half Step

Using these three possible configurations and the major scale interval formula we arrive at a series of patterns that cover an octave of the fretboard on two strings. On some positions we have the same set of intervals on both strings! This is very convenient. There is only one place in the entire scale pattern that throws this symmetry off; between the 4th and major 7th scale degrees. However, this one place has an effect on three positions.

Learning to get a handle on and maneuver around those little "bumps" in the road of scale pattern symmetry can be tricky. Take your time and practice it slowly.
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