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Speedy Ideas Series 3: E Minor Scale


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Speedy Ideas Series 3: Minor Scale Patterns

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In this tutorial series of lessons we will look at a further method of building speed. We will use the E major scale on two adjacent strings covering a complete octave in three note per string groupings.

Remember, it is important to realize that playing fast, or "shredding", should not be merely a flailing, spastic, haphazard jumble of notes or stuff you play as fast as you can. It should be a musical idea; just played faster than usual.

The pattern we will use this time is a series of interlocking patterns that cover an octave of the fretboard. This pattern will be playing in three note groupings of the E major scale on the B and E strings. You might recall some of these patterns from the diatonic modes! That is where they come from.

This tutorial is one in a series on building and using speed for fast playing.

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