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  • Lesson Title:

    From Deep Within the Castle Walls

  • Guitar Instructor: Andy Gurley
  • Lesson Added: February 22nd, 2010
  • Lesson Files: Video Guitar Lesson
  • Lesson Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Lesson Focus: Song
  • Lesson Style: Rock
  • Lesson Keywords: frankenstein, edgar winter, classic rock
Guitar Instructor
We have robbed the graveyard of classic rock and brought together many miscellaneous parts to assemble this creature.

We found the Power Chords of a guitar that died when Grunge rampaged the land. We found the Dorian Mode from an expired 70's jazz-rock 335. We stole the Fourths from the fresh grave of a Deep Purple cover band. However...our proudest aquisition was a brain - a beautiful brain that helped us construct it all! - the brain of Edgar Winter!

You might think me mad for dreaming man could create such a thing? But come into my lab, you might not find it so bad after all!

End Guitar Video

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