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  • Lesson Title:

    Crash Course in D: Chords & Runs

  • Guitar Instructor: Lisa McCormick
  • Lesson Added: August 17th, 2009
  • Lesson Files: Video Guitar Lesson, Guitar Tab, Notation
  • Lesson Difficulty: Easy
  • Lesson Focus: Style Tutorial
  • Lesson Style: Acoustic
  • Lesson Keywords: folk, gospel, old time, appalachian, irish, celtic, mountain, bluegrass, southern, traditional, Christian
Guitar Instructor
In this lesson, I'll show you the bass runs you can use in the key of D. Bass runs serve to create a little extra movement and interest in the guitar part when playing Stringband music.

A Bass Run is a short series of notes that lead you from one chord to the next.

From D to G, the Bass Run notes are: E and F#, played on the 6th string. (6th string open, 6th string 2nd fret).

From G back to D, the Bass Run notes are: A and B (open 5th string, 5th string 2nd fret).

From D to A, the Bass Run notes are: F# (4th string, 4th fret) and E (4th string, 2nd fret).

From A back to D, You simply retrace your steps. The Bass Run notes are: E and F# (4th string 2nd fret, 4th string 4th fret).

End Guitar Video

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