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Major Scale Intervals, Conclusion


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Major Scale Intervals

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Having an introduction to intervals in your lead ability is a great way to inject some new sounds in your playing. While our intervals today only scratched the surface of this concept, these ideas alone will open new doors in your lead playing. Let's put it all together by trying a few new examples of our concepts and test your knowledge of the material covered. 1. Try taking our major scale pattern from Chapter 1 in the key of G major, and try playing the open string third interval you can find. Below is a breakdown of the scale and it's related intervals.
G - B  (major third)
A - C  (minor third)
B - D  (minor third)
C - E  (major third)
D - F# (major third)
E - G  (minor third)
F# - A (minor third)

2. Take the major scale pattern we used in Lesson 5 for the use of fifths in the key of D major, and now apply fourths in the place of fifths from before. Below is a breakdown of the scale and it's related intervals.

D  - G
E  - A
F# - B
G  - C# (sharp fourth) 
A  - D
B  - E
C# - F#

Take this introduction and use it as a way to explore this never ending concept in your everyday practice routine. Apply all the examples and than try and to see if you can expand from there, trying every interval on each scale pattern we looked at today. In our last chapter of Rock Guitar Level 2: Lead Guitar Elements, we are going to explore an introduction to intervals of the minor scale. Let's take a look!