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Boom Chick Strumming #1


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Key of A:


1 4 5

A is the 1 chord in the key of A, also known as the root, or tonic chord. In the next few lessons we will cover other chords in the key of A, and play them in a simple progression in the last one.

This will also teach you one of the earliest methods of strumming. It's not hard to do, but it will take some getting used to.

I'm also counting along in the video, this will help you learn timing. It also tells you when to pick, and when to strum. Each time I count a number you pick the string, when you hear the word "and" you strum the other strings.

This is using only downstrokes with the pick, here is an example. On 1 you pick the 5th (A) string, on "and" you move the pick across the bottom 4 strings. On 2 you pick the 6th (big E) string, on "and" move the pick across the bottom 5 strings.

This is the simplest form of this kind of strumming, and there is much you can do based on this technique.
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