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Practicing Simple C Major & A Minor Chords


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Simple Chords Group 2: Intro To A Minor & E Major

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Now we have two more simple chords to put together! In this lesson we will practice strumming them and going back and forth between the C major and A Minor chords. The idea here is to get used to using the index finger position of the C major chord as an "anchor" to hold onto for one chord. Then adding the middle finger to the position for the A minor chord.

Start with the C major chord. Get your fingers in position. Strum it three times downward. Stop the strings (mute!) from ringing. Reach over and add your middle finger for the A minor chord position. Strum it three times downward. Stop the strings (mute!) from ringing. Remove your middle finger, but keep your index finger in place to get back to the C major chord position.

Repeat this over and again.

Congratulations! You are playing more music!

Eventually we want to focus on rhythm. This means keeping good time with our strumming. We want to make sure that each strum is evenly spaced apart in time. Notice that we are starting with a pattern:

  • 1st Strum
  • 2nd Strum
  • 3rd Strum
  • Pause (mute)

    We do this as we first learn to play chords in order to have a good way to stay in time rhythmically. The pause (mute) is useful in helping us have time to get our fingers from one chord position to the next. Gradually, we can try to practice playing chords on all four beats. But using idea of the pause (mute) in place of a beat is a useful tool for guitarists of any level.

    Keep practicing until you can get all four strums in there and switch effectively between the C major and A minor chords.

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