Jump From String To String

Do you get frustrated when you try to play one string and keep hitting another? Sounds sloppy, right? Do you feel like in order to isolate one note you have to constantly look down at your hands and thus play at a painfully slow speed?

Jumping from string to string is a technique many people have struggled with. It can be especially frustrating because the pros make it look and sound so smooth and easy, but take comfort in the fact that they all struggled through it same as you.

Guitar Tricks will help you master this technique step-by-step - from showing you the best way to hold your pick so you can play more efficiently, to helping you learn basic intervals on the guitar, so when you practice going from one string to another, you know exactly WHAT you're playing rather than mindlessly drilling between two strings.

With the Guitar Tricks method, jumping from string to string means so much more - you're building the foundation for ornamentation, walking in and out of chords, and playing alternating bass lines. Drilling is never mindless. It's mindFULL.