Free Guitar Promotion Tariffs & Fees

We're happy to be able to offer the current Free Guitar Promotion to our international customers all over the world. While the guitar is our gift to you, international customers occasionally incur tariffs and other fees that are out of our control.

To give you an estimate of these fees, we surveyed previous customers and put together some estimates based on the responses that came in. These are rough estimates, and could be increased in your country. Estimates are in US dollars.

Argentina $0
Australia $0
Belgium $21
Brazil $28
Canada $14.80
Denmark $2.70
Finland $0
France $0
Germany $16
Greece $0
Hong Kong $0
Hungary $9.40
Jordan $80.70
Netherlands $24
New Zealand $0
Puerto Rico $0
Russia $0
Singapore $0
South Africa $9.34
Spain $30
Sweden $21.60
United Kingdom $14.80

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