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Dale Turner

Dale Turner is an acoustic guitar specialist with a wealth of performing, recording and teaching experience. Dale is an instructor at Hollywood's Musician's Institute where he teaches rhythm guitar improvisation, music theory/ear training, sight-reading, and rhythmic independence for the singing guitarist. He is also a regular columnist for guitar magazines, and author of over 50 instructional books.

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Dale Turner
Campfire Chords With Character

In this style tutorial, Dale Turner will teach you some ways that you can spice up your common "campfire" style chords. You'll learn how to create chords like add2/sus2, add4/sus4, and major 7 in C major and A minor. Dale will also show you upper register common tones. He'll then demonstrate some strumming and fingerpicking styles used by well known acoustic players, and finish it all off by putting it all together in a performance.

Published: 10/11/2011 Upgrade