Dr. Marako Marcus' Guitar Lessons

Dr. Marako MarcusMarako is a private rock, blues, and latin electric guitar instructor located in Singapore, and has been with Guitar Tricks since 2000. He started on guitar as a young teen, learning the basics in guitar workshops.

Inspired by bands and top players like Yes, Pink Floyd, Santana, Slash, Eric Clapton, Gary Moore, Edge and U2, Marako continued learning. He absorbed the knowledge of other local guitar players, and began exploring improvisation. He also formed his own band, On Fire!, and moved into the area of gospel music.

Dr. Marcus has been teaching privately for many years. He's conducted music workshops in universities, churches, and local schools and community events, with a particular emphasis on instructing young people to play with feel and finesse.

Marako also plays bass, drums and keyboards, and is a composer of original music for musicals and his own bands. Besides all his musical endeavors, he holds a doctorate in business, has run an online store trading in musical instruments, and authored a book on creativity in 2005 entitled "Yes! But.".

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