Nathan Hahn's Guitar Lessons

Nathan HahnHey! I'm a 22 year old grad student from Texas and have been playing for about 9 years now. Like many who pick up the instrument at an early age I was mostly interested in playing the stuff I heard on the radio.

Unfortunately most of what you pick up on your typical radio station is relatively lacking in musicianship, and consequently my guitar playing quickly stagnated. After about two years of that I took some lessons from a guy at the local guitar store, and he got me into two very important things: lead guitar and this website! A few months later I emerged armed with a few pentatonic and hammer-on/pull-off licks.

Since then I've grown a great deal as a guitar player thanks to numerous influences including Andy Timmons, Phil Keaggy, Paul Gilbert, Greg Howe, Goncalo Pereira, and the folks at Musician War.