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Beginner's Guide to Guitar


Welcome to the Beginner's Guide to Guitar Tricks. This course will teach you basic skills step-by-step so that you can then go on to use all the great lessons at Guitar Tricks from a strong foundation.

Guitar Fundamentals 1

Guitar Fundamentals 2

The two courses taken together will bring you from "What's a fret?" to being able to play melodies, read music, and play all the important chord shapes.

If you have never played guitar before, we recommend Beginner Level 1.

If you have played a bit, but still consider yourself a beginner, please take a glance through Beginner Level 1 before you start Level 2. Sometimes "rushing yourself" is the biggest problem new guitarists have, so take some time to make sure you have all the skills learned in Beginner Level 1 before you go on to Beginner Level 2.

These new courses are the result of months of work, hundreds of emails, hours of argument, drafts and more drafts, and a real challenge from our instructors to make a guide that the absolute beginner can use to learn guitar from the ground up. We think you will be very pleased with what we have done.

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