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I have this major problem, and I hope that you could help me.
So. When I am making some solo (or somethin' like that), I don't know which chords would fit with it (that solo). What is that theory with it? I'm totally empty with this thing.


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First figure out what key the solo is in. If its in a major key, the chords are
I ii iii IV V vi viidim.
If its in a minor key the chords are the same but they start from the 6th, so
i iidim III iv v VI VII
Upper case numeral means major, lower means minor, dim means diminished. The numerals represent the tones of the scale, so in A, A is I, B is II, and so on. If it is I it means that the first tone in the scale can have a major chord built from it. If it is i it means the first tone in the scale has a minor chord built from it. Am I making any sense?
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Here's another way to look at it.
Suppose you are playing a solo in the standard A minor pentatonic (the first lead scale most people learn).


Basic Pentatonic Scale With Extensions

E |-----5--------8----------------| E |-----5---------8------10-------|
B |-----5--------8----------------| B |-----5---------8------10-------|
G |-----5-----7-------------------| G |-----5-----7------9------------|
D |-----5-----7-------------------| D |-----5-----7-------------------|
A |-----5-----7-------------------| D |-----5-----7-------------------|
E |-----5--------8----------------| E |-----5--------8----------------|


The most basic chords that will work here are
A, D, and E major (this corresponds to daniel's I IV V). Start with these three.

Now, not every chord in a scale works against every lead note, so sometimes you will sound 'wrong' even when using chords from the scale.

For more fun, you can also try B, C, C#, F and G. Try both major and minor to see what happens.

Did I make sense either?

Jon Broderick
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Yeees. Thanks for your help. I think I'd get the picture. So now I'm going home and I try what you told... >-)

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